Commercial 'Red Team'


Keep them honest with a specialist in your corner

For good reason, most businesses aren’t in a position to keep track of all of the opportunities that technology can offer. Well-run businesses have their sights on what they do best, and face the double risks of chasing snake oil and missing opportunities.

The software sales process is especially fraught because the opportunities are so vast. Vendors undersell or oversell; buyers keep their deepest pains private so as to not be taken advantage of. Establishing the levels of trust required for a frank exchange of requirements and capabilities is a significant challenge, yet without it outcomes can be underwhelming if not catastrophic.

Deploying a “red team” experienced in complex software projects against your procurement can increase the likelihood of success and ensure that a confident match of needs and features is reached.

Realise benefits:

  • Secure a successful procurement that offers genuine solutions to business needs
  • Distinguish the solid parts of the offered solution from the more aspirational
  • Challenge vendors to meet your needs without exposing your vulnerabilities
  • Identify risks and negotiate for mitigations

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