Curriculum Vitae

Independent Consultant, London, UK

2023 –

Palantir Technologies, London, UK

2022 – 2023 Lead Architect

  • Technical leadership and hands-on technical architecture, design, and strategy throughout the life-cycle of strategic accounts and commercial partnerships
  • Thought-partner to teams and individuals across the business, contextualising strategic decisions and propagating culture
  • Technical lead for Microsoft partnership. Identifying, qualifying and developing synergies between the Palantir Foundry platform and Microsoft Azure offerings, and developing a reference architecture for Foundry on Azure
  • Qualifying market signal into commercial opportunities and building a team to develop a go-to-market strategy and taking it to partners

2012 – 2021 Business Development, Forward Deployed Engineer

  • 2021: Deployment Strategist, SwissRe
    • Developing a series of experiments in new products for SwissRe based on their Palantir Foundry deployment, seeking to expand the scope of service offered in a particular business unit, enabled by new ways of integrating and leveraging a range of datasets across organisational boundaries
  • 2019 – 2020: Skywise Onboarding Technical Lead for EMEA, Airbus
    • Executing Airbus’ extremely ambitious target of onboarding 100 airlines onto its Palantir Foundry-based Skywise data platform before the end of 2019
    • Leading technical delivery in the region, scaling our processes to increase the pace, triaging and resolving critical issues blocking delivery, and training, mentoring and supporting staff and contractors
    • Building up processes to improve and sustain data quality and consistency at scale
  • 2018 – 2019: Project Lead, EASA
    • Leading the setup of a flight data analysis safety project for an international aviation safety body
    • Winning the trust of a diverse group of stakeholders which was crucial in enabling and establishing key elements of the project
    • Negotiating for, receiving and integrating flight data at scale
    • Designing and implementing training courses for data scientists and other stakeholders
  • 2018: Technical Lead, Humanitarian NGO
    • Leading the technical work of enabling a humanitarian NGO’s critical war-zone operations, reporting and fundraising
  • 2016 – 2018: Technical Lead, National Security
    • Leading the build-out of a knowledge and analysis platform for a national security service in Europe, initially focusing on non-state actor threats
    • Successfully negotiating key requirements with antagonistic counterparts
    • Developing ETL pipelines to a variety of customer systems, building several new features for the Palantir platform and driving the relationship with the customer’s IT organization
  • 2015 – 2016: Software Engineering and Operations, BP
    • Integrating and stabilizing a pipeline streaming sensor data at very high scale into the Palantir platform in real time
    • Leading the effort to develop a tool to assist customer engineers to plan the completion of very deep, horizontal sanding-prone wells, a complex and risky operation worth hundreds of millions of dollars
  • 2014 – 2015: Technical Lead, Foreign Intelligence
    • Executing a highly successful pilot of Palantir at a European foreign intelligence agency, and immediately converting the project to enterprise-wide rollout, supporting every analyst in the organization performing critically important work, and enabling several outcomes on the ground that would previously have been impossible
    • Developing ETL pipelines to integrate with customer systems, several new features for the Palantir platform as well as a custom application to support a central business workflow
  • 2013 – 2014: Software Engineer, Border Security
    • Part of a two-person team pulled in on short notice to build a border security solution for the border security enforcement agency at a major European international airport and deploy this after only three months to enable the agency to smoothly transition off a legacy system facing shutdown on a hard deadline
  • 2012: Software Engineer, National Security
    • Supporting a customer in the national security sector, working on various infrastructure tasks, including transitioning the backup processes to a more flexible solution based on Oracle technology, and upgrading the installation

TIM Group, London, UK

2010 – 2012: Senior Software Engineer, Product Manager

  • FinTech with products in alpha capture and hedge fund liquidity simulation
  • Crafting consistently high-quality financial software for the web in an agile team

Various jobs, Copenhagen, Denmark

2002 – 2010: Software Engineer

  • Web development
  • Systems and network administration

Education: Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark

2003 – 2008: BSc Technical Science

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