I have a track record of delivering digital transformation projects for businesses of all sizes that span two decades. My speciality lies in combining deep technical skills with political acumen, clear communication and effective, passionate advocacy to provide strong leadership in complex, sensitive settings.

Realising truly valuable outcomes from software deployments in large, complex organisations is a challenge that goes well beyond the first-order problem of producing the high-quality software itself. It requires carefully navigating organisations and preparing them to accept the transformative power of software. Achieving the delicate balance between moulding the software to the organisation—and vice versa—takes a steady hand.

As a self-taught programmer from an early age, I learnt what IF meant in BASIC before I knew what it meant in English. My earliest jobs were all building websites, which meant joining businesses in their first leaps into the online world, helping them rethink their operations around technology that could amplify their strengths and reach new markets.

I originally came to London to join a fintech company, delivering solutions into bulge-bracket banks and large hedge funds. The experience fast acquainted me with the deep complexities that constrain large organisations, but equally impressed on me the vast potential for progress and efficiency through technology—if the software could be properly embedded in this world.

Then, as one of Palantir’s first Europe-based employees, I learned to execute in difficult and remote environments across the region. I played a key role in establishing our foothold at several early and strategically important clients, successfully deploying and integrating our advanced software platforms in complex and sensitive contexts.

As the European operation matured and London became the largest office in the company, I stepped up to join the architecture practice as Lead Architect. Acting as an advisor to sales and delivery teams, I drew on my deep experience to work through technical and organisational complexities, identifying the most impactful application opportunities for our products. Ultimately, my role has been to ensure that our offerings were underpinned by a clear vision, and delivered with confidence.

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