Technology Landscape Review


Maximise the potential of your existing software

Organisations make bold investments in software products, but as the world turns, both the business and the products evolve.

The needs and challenges of the business change every day, and the technology market change even faster, and the features and capabilities of software products race ahead. The product you bought and the problem you were solving can quickly drift out of alignment.

The questions we were answering yesterday are no longer the same, and a Technology Landscape Review will ensure your technology investments are delivering the value your business requires.

The opportunity

Leverage the software investments you already have and the human capital accumulated around them to unlock new value. Increased capabilities are often available for no additional cost, and there is low-hanging fruit to harvest by leveraging these.

Realise benefits:

  • Deploy validated capabilities against new opportunities
  • Leverage existing teams, skills and processes for rapid execution
  • Combine capabilities of multiple existing systems to serve new parts of the business
  • Low, predictable cost by leveraging known components
  • Delivery risk is minimal as stakeholders understand capabilities
  • Compound returns on investments the business already made

On the other hand, sometimes problems have been solved and needs have dissipated, leaving the business paying for essentially unused products. For a modest decommissioning effort, the remaining features in use can be migrated to other systems, and an old product can be retired.

Savings and efficiencies:

  • Cut license fee expenses by retiring unused systems
  • Save on complicated operations and fraught maintenance processes
  • Retire tech debt, and free up highly qualified staff to work on more valuable projects
  • Reduce drag and friction on operations from inefficient business processes

During a Technology Landscape Review, we will map your technology landscape and identify specific opportunities for increasing value: By suggesting an actionable plan to leverage existing systems and capabilities against other challenges and opportunities, or by identifying expensive products that can be retired, and outlining a plan to migrate off those.

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